Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Review

So i dont know if i was just drunk or this movie just got more ridculous as it went on.... The beginning was the shit. the scene with the small room was just fuckin hilarious obviouslty the best scene of the movie. 10 guys `1room. No boobs was the down side but its all good. so we just drank 4 for that backspace. thats a new rule. drink 1 for ever backspace. The one liners in the beginning of he movie were awesoem. unfortinutly they got worse as the movei went on. I would corrent these typos but i would get wayy to wasted. sorry. back to the movie. sorry for the length but not for the girth. ha. The singing guy was annoying as fuck he just sucked and ruined the middle of the movie. and was random as fuck singing. which made it awkward. the best line from the movie (no offense) "we have to control these vegetables." (asian guy voiceover - "but sir tomatoes are fags") *whispering*........... (asian guy voiceover - "sorry.... fruits") hahahaha. number 2 - radio broadcast "man was eaten by bacon and lettuce and tomatoe sandwich". Overall this movie got me pretty drunk which made it riduculous. It was basically alot of awkard moments which sometimes werer funny and other times were not so i mean it was ok. I would watch it again tho it was funny. The second half just killed it!!! fuck! were drunk. fuck . it was a good movie then. idk. Well... werer movin out to get more drunk at the bars. so until next time. we will thnk of a catch phrase later......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Welcome to the best blog about the worst movies. The point of this blog is to give you reviews of movies that are so awful, that there not even worth watching.... sober. Which is why we decided to make these movies watchable by drinking during the duration of the movie. At the end of each movie, we will give our intoxicated review of the movie and most likely pass out soon afterward. Before we watch the movies we will give a summary of:

- The movie being watched 
- The drink being consumed
- The games being played

Let us know about any movies that you think would fit the theme of this blog.

The Chosen Ones